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Be part of everything

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Everything you touch whether it’s the car when you drive, tennis racquet when you play, glass when you drink, body when you wake up!

If you feel you are driving the car, you’ll never be a good driver, car has to become you, an extension of you and then you will be a good driver.

When you’re playing tennis, unless the racquet feels like an extension of you, you’ll never be a “natural” player.

Most importantly, as soon as you wake up, unless you realise that you’re now holding this body which is a vessel of consciousness to operate in this world just as a car is a vessel that takes you from one point to the other, and hold it just as the body was holding the racquet when playing. Meaning, you should not even feel YOU are holding the body !! Don’t play with the racquet.

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