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Feeling Proud, are you!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Oh your tennis forehand is a thing of beauty, your sales skills...exemplary and your looks... oh my!

What is it that you have, that can be attributed to be YOURS?

Things that you were NATURAL at, could be in sport, work, anything can certainly be only taken as God Gifts(installed software in your system), but the things that you spent effort on improving and gaining....knowledge, riches in the world based on your hard work.... who do you think gave you the intellect, the drive to work hard, the quality of being able to focus on a goal (So you could manifest new software from the universe in your system)? If you have any of these gifts in more amount than the others, is that something to be thankful about or feel proud to be the chosen one!

Feeling proud on any of this is similar to a privileged kid feeling proud of an expensive convertible that his dad bought for his 18th birthday. He got it for no other reason but for being born in that family, so be thankful, not proud.

And if you believe in reincarnation, the gifts you have in this lifetime will be with someone else in the next and you’ll have a different set, so focus on using the gifts you have instead of wasting time in displaying them!

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