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Hear but don’t listen

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

next time someone is shouting at you, try to only listen to their voice and not their words.

You will notice a high voice, maybe an agitated voice, maybe a voice that’s conveying frustration of some kind, maybe a voice that’s really pleading to be understood. But you won’t hear the words that person is saying if you ask your ears to not hear the words and just focus on the sound. We do this all the time in a city when we drown out so many sounds to focus on what and whom we want to listen to.

This practice will allow you to then connect with the person as you will see how they are feeling and why they are saying what they are saying. Then you will really listen to them while not paying attention to what they are saying. This will de-escalate the situation as now you are focused on the person and their feeling and not getting into a war of words.

Another example of being in control of your five senses and directing them to do what You want.

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