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Hear like devil’s advocate

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I looked up an email sent to me seven years ago where a venture fund manager had told me that he was interested in my proposal and was willing to help to expand it to double the investment level to $30m level where they could invest.

At the time I got this email, I thought he wasn’t interested and was pushing me off by telling me to expand it, as my proposal was seeking an investment of 15m.

This is is why you need to question everything that you gather from a conversation, especially if you took it as a negative. Give it a what if Test. What if he‘s supporting my plan instead of disposing it.

We limit our thinking and judgement with our knowledge and just because we are working in a field for x number of years, we feel we are the subject matter expert. On the contrary, this narrows our thinking and makes it harder to find a new approach, a new angle.

Be very mindful of that and be open to suggestions, especially from people not from your field.

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