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Life’s common denominator

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

when you believe you have one life to live, you try to cram everything possible in that life. you are sad when you see others have done more than you have and are proud when you see someone who has done less than you in this life as the common denominator you choose is of 1 between you and all else. So let’s say you’ve done 100 things and other has done 200, 100/1 is smaller than 200/1 so you feel sad.

Now or if you believe in reincarnation and thus infinite lives, 100/infinity is 0 & 200/infinity is also 0 !

there’s then no need to compare and compete, everyone is on their own journey. Some might accomplish more in this and some might have done that in their previous life.

This doesn’t mean you don’t aim to achieve more, well that’s an ego driven goal, your aim should always be how do I make myself capable of serving more but thats a topic for another blog post!

the point is that you can aim for serving more but now with the common denominator of infinity, you won’t worry along the way about the results you achieve as now you are on your own journey and not in competition.

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