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Present, not create a solution

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Solution to every problem is in this world, your job is just to join the dots.

When you feel you have to create it, it’s hard not to be egoistic about it thereby narrowing the possibilities and losing the plot.

Your job with any new business or responsibility as an employee is simply to work towards finding the best solution to a problem.

Focus on sourcing best resources to solve a problem. Think of the solution lying outside of you(what you consider your personality). Then your full focus will be on the problem and you will not ignore any route.

When you do this with an open heart and open arms where all the focus is on solving a problem, NOT on making the most money out of it; divine energy flows through you and you will find your body saying just the right things, seeing just the right things and acting in just the right way needed to find the solution.

People/companies who are facing the problem will recognise that your effort in finding the solution is genuine and will assist you and be patient with you.

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