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Relax and then Begin

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Before you begin anything, work or play related, Bring your body in a state of complete relaxation. Try yog Nidra to become aware of the feeling of complete relaxation.

Now Imagine your body as an instrument given to experience this world when you want and only for that and not to be addicted to any experience. nose to smell, tongue to taste, ears to hear, eyes to see and the whole body for touch sensation.

When you are in this state, you are going to act without ego, as ego is a state of no control. When you instruct body to follow instructions, you are in total control. You tell the body when to taste and when to see, you can always look but not see until you decide to focus on something in particular.

Before you decide to do anything, you will remove any thought of it’s results as you realise that the personality attached to the body is just to make things easier in the world for interaction with each other, hence a name and a surname etc. Otherwise, the body is just the instrument that comes alive because of you. So anything you decide to do, the body has to just go out and do it, it doesn’t have any sense of good or bad.

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