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Respond to the state of the soul and not the body

Anytime we are interacting with someone, we generally only notice what they said, what expressions they made when they said it, If they hit something, what their hands/legs did, how they looked with their eyes, how flaring were the nostrils, how loud was the voice, how heavy was their breathing.....we only notice their body, actions performed by their body. This shows only the state their body is in and we start responding to it with our body!

Now, in future interactions, start noticing the state their soul is in; based on how their body is performing and respond to the soul state. If their body is displaying anger, sarcasm, abuse(physical,mental), this shows that their soul is unhappy, sad, frustrated, depressed. Respond to this and ask them questions why they are sad, when they display anger and related negative behaviours.

We know body will display happy behaviours, hugs, smiles..only when soul feels happy. Opposite is true as well then.

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