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Stressed about making a dent in the universe?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Here’s a Billion Years Test to help:

Take a guess, how long humans have been around on earth.......200,000 years, and how long has the earth been around........ 4.5 Billion years , according to latest scientific research... and you’re worried about making an impact in this in your 25-30 years of adult active life!!

It’s no more than a lifespan of a leaf in big scheme of things.

This knowledge should release the performance pressure that you carry in anything you do making your life and of people around you, less tense.

This release of tension will also improve the results of everything you do.

So relax, do whatever you choose to do (whatever you’re brought on this earth to do) but without getting caught up in the impact it will have on your reputation, it’s unlikely that your impact will last the next billion years!

Anytime you’re feeling frustrated by others, reflect on how important are YOU & whatever you’re doing (here today, gone tomorrow....both).

This will give you the perspective to not take yourselves too seriously & remain humble.

In short, just give anything irritating

“The Billion Years Test”,

Will it matter in a billion years, no, so chill out!

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