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Where do YOU begin?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

You have this body but where are you in this body?

Have you ever thought about it? Try imagining yourself to be just above your head noticing the whole body. If that is too difficult, try imagining that YOU are only till your face and all parts below is the body.

Then when you want to sit, ask the body to do so and you will notice that it will be a different way how you will sit. Notice the ribs and shoulders and arms and spine resting on the pelvis and then the thighs and legs all balancing with each other. This is Yoga, a balancing act of various body parts in every movement. Do this while walking as well, ask your body to walk and then notice each part moving.

It will free you from tension in the body and you will avoid walking as a whole entity tied up with your ego/identity.

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